Our Fees

Our fees are the compensation due to our office for its work (excluding the expenses, costs and disbursements payable to lawyers pursuant to Ordinance no. 15.173 of 08/01/2002).

They are exempt from VAT in the Principality of Monaco (Article 23 of the Code of Taxes on Turnover).

Transparent billing

  • The office sets up a clear and transparent billing procedure with its clients.
  • This is why a fee agreement that provides details of the office's task and the calculation of its fees is usually submitted to the client before any work is done.
  • We usually ask for payment of a retainer so that we can begin our work. This enables in particular to give an idea of the minimum amount of fees that will be invoiced for handling the file.

Selection of the most appropriate billing method

  • Because every client is unique, we study their needs and propose the billing method that best suits their needs.
  • The various billing methods that may be established are as follows:
    • Time-based billing
      The office bills the time spent on the file based on the agreed hourly rate.
    • Lump-sum payment
      The client pays a lump- sum amount in full settlement of the office's fees.
    • Retainer
      The client pays a monthly or annual lump- sum amount to settle the office's fees.
    • Additional success fee
      Whatever billing method is chosen, payment of an additional success fee may be agreed with the client.