Our Commitment

Listen – Respond – Personalize solutions

Every client is unique and deserves our special attention. We have therefore chosen to maintain a highly-focused structure so that we can listen more effectively, ensure reactivity and propose personalized solutions for each client.

You will never be just one file among many. Your cause is ours.


Being a lawyer means applying the highest possible standards of thoroughness when handling files.
This thoroughness enables us to provide precise and irreproachably high-quality advice in the defence of our clients' interests.
It is with this in mind that our office studies every element of your file in minute detail, both during our analysis of the issues you have raised, while we examine your documents and in our follow-up of your case.


Deep knowledge of the law is not always sufficient to resolve the issues raised by our clients. Sometimes it is necessary to find alternative, innovative solutions. This is why we encourage a questioning, creative attitude and promote an interdisciplinary approach to files so that we can prepare the most appropriate response.

Trust – Honesty – Transparency

The relationship between a lawyer and a client can only succeed if it is based on trust. This is why we work with our clients in an environment of total transparency. This means that if we believe that the chance that a proposed action will succeed is limited, or our clients are running risks, we have no hesitation in letting them know. Equally, wherever possible, we seek and suggest solutions that could lead to an amicable settlement of the dispute. We always prefer the solution that is most satisfactory and least costly for our clients.


In accordance with our ethical obligations, we guarantee that our communications will remain confidential both during our engagement and after it has been completed. This means that our clients can confide in our office fully and frankly, and that we can optimize our advice and our defence of our clients, and conduct negotiations under complete secure conditions.


Independence is necessary in order to enable lawyers to serve the interests of their clients without being influenced by other factors. In order to achieve this, a lawyer must be free of all pressures, in particular those relating to his or her own interests or to external influences.
Our office is therefore extremely careful not to be dependent on any structure or body that may limit its freedom, and before accepting any matter, we verify that we do not have a conflict of interest with the client.